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The Power of Words


Getting tired or bored of standing at the greeting card displays
for what seems like hours looking for that exact card that hits the spot?
Some cards may have a pleasing taste of artwork
but the words aren't quite the flavor you're looking for.
Kinda like canned soup isn't it? It may satisfy but it's not nourshing.
Sighing with disappointing reserve, you finally resort to choosing
between the last two choices, rereading for the
third time, rationalizing your reluctant compromise.
As you pull the last one out of the slot, you realize there's no matching envelope or a corner is bent. Time for another option.
Through her obedience to the Counselor, Rev. Stephanie
has brought forth Christian Greetings.
These truly home cooked, heartfelt expressions are
Holy Spirit inspired recipes for heartfelt experiences.
Guaranteed to nourish your soul.
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