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Sexual Purity

In a world where sex outside of marriage is acceptable, some people are resisting the pressure to follow the crowd. These greetings address those issues.

Se7 - I Have Been Received Into Glory

(This card ministers to someone who has had an abortion)

Mom, I am with the Lord now. I began with Him and my life is back with Him. Our Father loves you and
wants you to forgive yourself and to receive His forgiveness. Receive His love right now by receiving
His Son Jesus Christ into your heart. Then when that day comes for you to leave this earth, we will
meet in heaven.

Se6 - You Are Worth Waiting For

Pure love isn't stirred up before it's time. It is the marriage bed that is honorable. Until then we will wait.

Se5 - True Love Waits

True love does endure. It can stand up under all kinds of pressure. True love is God's love in us and for us.
The love that God has shed abroad in our hearts will never fail. Because we want God's best for our lives I
know that we can wait for God's timing to join us together in marriage. Until then let's allow God to
mature our love so that nothing and no one can tear us apart.

Se4 - Thank You for Not Pressuring Me

Being tempted you withstood the desire to compromise my virginity. Now I know how much you care for
me. In time if it is the will of the Lord our relationship will mature and we shall be one in the sight of God.

Se3 - God Does Not Condemn. YOU Are Forgiven.

You still have a chance to live a pure and holy life. Holiness is of the heart. God sees your heart. He has
forgiven you so please forgive yourself. Receive His love right now. Allow Him to wash you clean on the
inside where it matters most. The change that will take place in you will be seen on the outside. Hope in
God and you will never be ashamed again.

Se2 - This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Will there be a picture of me to put on the front of this card? Mom, please give me a chance to show you
what real love looks like. I'll see you in a few months. Love, Your baby

Se1 - Mom, Seven Reasons Why You Should Give Birth To Me

• I am a gift to you from God.

• I was created to live a full life in the earth and to make a difference in this world.

• You will be destroying the best part of you and dad.

• Your mom let you live; will you do the same?

• Aren't you curious to see how great I'm going to be someday?

• If you can't take care of me then please give me to someone who will.

• You won't be charged with murder in the sight of God.

Whoever gave you this card cares about the both of us and only has our best of interest in mind. Please
let them help you.

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