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Encouragement for those who have lost hope in life and need lifting up.


Don’t lose hope. Give God a chance to turn things around for you. God’s plan for your life is a plan of good
to give you a bright and glorious future. Hope in Him and you’ll never be put to shame. I am available to
pray with you.


Your life is precious to God. He created you for a purpose. You are valuable to the earth. Please don’t let
past events cause you to give up on life. Better days are ahead of you. Never Give Up because Life is
Worth Living!


When you feel that you’re in a dark pit and there seems to be no way out, LOOK UP. There is a Light that
dispels darkness. The hand of God is reaching down to you right now. Take His hand and allow Him to lift
you UP and OUT of this pit of despair. Better days are ahead of you. Let me help you get on the path of
healing and wholeness.


As long as you live there is hope. Never stop hoping because brighter days are ahead of you. This pain will
end. I will help you get through it. Let’s trust God. He is the real Helper. He will cause you to forget the
pain and will dry your tears. Remember the best is yet to come.


Even on a cloudy day the sun’s rays are still penetrating through the clouds. Eventually the clouds give
way to the glorious sunlight. May this cloud of depression lift off of you by the Light of God’s love
penetrating your heart and soul. Hold on to God’s unchanging hand and you shall have peace. I am
available if you need me. You don’t have to bear this alone.


You are not your circumstances. The trials, tests, and difficulties that you experienced are not who you

are. What you had to endure has warped your view of yourself. Other people’s opinions have warped your

view of yourself. But it’s not too late to change your perspective. God knows who you really are. Dare to

ask Him and let Him introduce you to YOU! You will find out just how amazing you are. God bless you.

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