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In 1999, after recuperating from surgery I was laying on the sofa talking to God. I asked Him to give me a witty idea that would be fulfilling and financially rewarding so that one day I could quit my job.  He said to me "What about the greeting card business I showed you two years ago?" My response was "That was you?" You see when God used a sister to speak to me about making greeting cards in 1997, I dismissed it quickly. I told her that I could not compete with major greeting card companies. But God watches over his word to perform it. Though in my mind I had dismissed the idea, the seed of that word was planted in my spirit. Well needless to say, I repented and began listening to God unfold the business before me.


Within two days I had made my first ten greeting cards and had the name of the business: NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE.  The name for this business comes right from his God’s word. NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE is taken from Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible" (KJV). In this chapter, Mary was told she would bear a son and that she would be impregnated by the Holy Ghost. Mary agreed with God and conceived. When I came into agreement with God the seed that He had planted within me in 1997 began to grow.  


NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE is more than a greeting card business: It is ministry. God conveys his heart to people through the written word. God writes every card. He has made me the pen of a ready writer. He gave me this slogan: Letting God touch your heart through His word. I sit in His presence before I create a card and ask Him what to say to each person to whom the card is for. Most customers who want a personal card don't know how to express their thoughts and they rely on me for the wording. But I rely on God to do it. The Bible says that God’s word is spirit and life and this is what I want every recipient of a card to receive. It is a blessing to get feedback; to hear someone say "That card came from the bowels of Jesus."


Through this website the cards can reach people that I may never meet personally and places that I may never go.


May you receive:

• Deliverance from depression

• Hope in place of hopelessness

• Strength for weakness

• Lifting up for the downcast

• Guidance for the lost

• Light for darkness

• Joy for sadness


Rev. Stephanie


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