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1 greeting (singular: Using “I”) - $35

2nd version greeting (plural: using “we, our”) - $50


Bulk Greetings:

1 – 4  Greetings: $35 ea

5 – 9  Greetings: $30 ea

10 – 14  Greetings: $25 ea

15 – 19  Greetings: $20 ea

20 – 24  Greetings: $15 ea

+25  Greetings: $10 ea


These greetings are sold for commercial use.

Greetings are for purchase through PayPal.

Please read the Terms of Use before placing an order.


Terms of Use

You cannot resell these greetings. They must be purchased from this site.

The greetings cannot be altered with additional wording. Greetings must remain in the

same condition when they were purchased.

Any profit you make once greeting is purchased from this site is your own.

My copyright must appear on every card and word art that is created using these greetings.


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